Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 by Vinna Halim and Jessica Pei

The overall experience at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 was fashion surrealness and amazement. Firstly we went to the BINUS fashion show, It was an interesting show with Northumbria students showcased in the show as well. Our favorite was the designer with the batik for mens and womenswear. This designer’s fashion was a modern approach to batik. It was inspirational to see the use of different fabrics and silhouettes with Batik. ImageImageImage


In the Raffles Fashion Show, there were six designers such as Rumawi Sari, Jessica Tjiptoning, and Peggy Hartanto. Our favorite was Peggy Hartanto because her collection was feminine, serene, and modern. It was titled “Unseen” as she used a sheer see-through fabric mixed with prints.

Peggy Hartanto’s Collection “Unseen” 




Grace’s Collection “Rage and Serenity” 




Felicia Raina’s Collection


Rumawi Sari’s collectionImage




Jessica Tjiptoning’s Collection



Backstage at the Raffles Fashion Show Image

Raffles Design Institute definitely made us inspired and proud to be a Raffles student. Their show presented us an inspiration to become better for the future as fashion designers. 



Interview with Cindy

Cindy Angelina a.k.a “Cinderella” she is known as the Disney princess at Raffles Design Institute. She is the most cutest 20 years old lady you will ever meet in this worlddd!!!!!!!

Surabaya is her hometown, born on 19 july 1992. Somehow when you see her design you know it directly that it is HERS! because she have this princessy type of design which is really cute and yet elegant at the same time!
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 1.     Tell me your best experience in Raffles ?
      I have experienced a lot of new things in Raffles, such as making an evening gown, identifying some fabrics etc, and around two weeks ago, we are asked to help in the graduation fashion, (fitters) being a fitters isn’t an easy job, it needs a hard work, but I learned a lot of new things that help me understand the backstage situation.

2. How do you manage all your project ?

As we all know, design always has close relationship with a hundred project. At first, I had a hard time to manage my time, after  a few months, I

3.  Re you going any further after raffles ?

“No, I will become a good mother and have a wealthy husband, my life is always happily ever after.”-cindy. HAHAHAHAH!!


Sure, I am going to start to work on my own line, which is more feminine , and also focus in casual to evening wear and especially paster color.

last pictureee. nic_5608

by claudya marthen

Jakarta Fashion Week ’13

On Monday, 5th November 2011, me and my schoolmates when to Jakarta fashion week that is located in Plaza Senayan. It is located exactly in front of Union restaurant that is in Plaza Senayan. We got the invitation earlier on thursday as a class. The show that we got to watch at fashion week is a show by Raffles fashion design major alumni. On the invitation, it was written that the show will start at 3.30 pm and we were told to be there earlier. I reached at around 3.45 because of the bad traffic around the senayan area. I thought I was going to be late but turned out the show was 2 hours late. We had to wait outside the fashion tent where the show was positioned during a sunny day. Everyone was busy taking pictures of each other and with the decorations fashion week had set. There was a lot of reporters and photographers taking pictures and interviewing the visitors.

After having to faced such long queue, we were finally inside the fashion tent. The way to the fashion tent was a little bit hard to get through with heels because the ground was a little bumpy. There are 2 way to enter the fashion tent, one for the VIPs and the other for the regular entrees. Once we got in, we were asked to fill in the seats. Short after everyone was seated, the show begun. We watched fashion shows by 6 designers graduates from Raffles. They are Jessica Tjiptoning, Femme fatale by Felicia Raina Ardelia, Peggy Hartanto, Grace Soenjaya, Rumaridewi Dewi and Facade by S.L.S Poetronegoro. The collection range from an oriental wear to haute coutures. I personally enjoyed the collection that was arranged by Peggy Hartanto the most because her design are simple yet elegant. Her collection shows a lot of skin but not to revealing. The whole show took about 30 minutes. In the end of the show, all of the collections by designers and the designers went to the stage for a last applause. On the way out of fashion tent, we got a Raffles paper bag as the goodie bags which includes brochures of the designers.


Jakarta fashion week invitation



The crowd


Jakarta fashion week official photographer





Collection by Jessica Tjiptoning


Collection by Rumawisari Dewi


 Collection by S.L.S Poetronegoro


Collection by Peggy Hartanto

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013: RIHE

Taking “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow” as the theme, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 started on 3rd November 2012 at Plaza Senayan. By a happy chance, Raffles Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) got to take part in JFW 2013 on 5th November 2012, and it was their first time showcasing their students’ work. There are 6 brilliant and talented students of RIHE who participated in the most anticipated fashion event of the year, Jakarta Fashion Week. Enjoy!

MEIJI ISHI by Jessica Tjiptoning

Jessica Tjiptoning was born on 25th February 1991. She graduated from RIHE Singapore. She has participated in Triumph Inspirational Award, Haute Couture Women’s Fashion Week with Alexis Mabile, Gustavo Lins, Maxime Simoens and Stephane Rolland; she also won a second place in Uniform Designing Contest for Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

Meiji Ishi by Jessica Tjiptoning opened the show that night. She gave an oriental look onto her collection that is inspired by the Japanese samurai with a touch of modern women look. The silhouette of the collection is very structured with edgy hemline and cutting. She neutralized the whole collection with a simple skirt or pants, and also the usage of the color palette.

CREED by Rumawisari Dewi

Rumawisari Dewi or Rumawi got her second Diploma at RIHE Sydney, Australia. Other than that, she also shows a successful achievement by being a manager at Wayne Cooper from 2007 till now.

The second designer is Rumawasari, her collection is very unique and eye-catching. Her collection is all about combining floral and lace, making her collection became so feminine yet there was a touch of edginess. Her collection can be worn on daily basis, extra points on the fabrics that are comfortable to use.

FEMME FATALE by Felicia Raina Ardelia

This 21 years old lady started her professional course on Fashion Design at RIHE Shanghai, China in 2009 to 2011, and then she continued her studies in the same course at RIHE Singapore to get her Bachelor. Felicia is definitely not a new comer in the fashion industry, she has participate in some fashion shows like RIHE Shanghai show, Cristina Bertrand perfume competition for Corset and Evening Wear, and she walked as a model at Lauren Pilgreen Fashion Show in 2010.

Inspired by the Hollywood glam in the 30s, Felicia Raina Ardelia showed a very glamorous and elegant collection through her Femme Fatale as named. She emphasized on women’s curves. Laces, furs, and beadings are used as the details of the collection to give a feminine and seductive impression.

FACADE by Sri Lukito Sari Poetronegoro

Sri Lukito’s design concept is to give a modern touch and it always pays attention to details in sewing technique, cutting, and uses of high-end fabrics in every collection of hers. This alumnus of RIHE Singapore concentrates more on ready-to-wear collection that is unique and dynamic for both men and women.

Facade was chosen to be the title of Sri Lukito’s collection. She played with folds and geometric structure on her collection to give a distinctive edge. Dark colors are mostly applied to show the androgyny and mysterious side of the collection.

UNSEEN by Peggy Hartanto

Peggy Hartanto is one of the alumnus that got Award of Excellence from RIHE Sydney, Australia. She showcased her collection at Australia Fashion Week 2011; Peggy shows her enthusiasm in the fashion industry with new inventions and choices of best quality fabric. With her line, “PEGGY HARTANTO”, she wants to give a high deluxe ready-to-wear collection for women with a modern and edgy concept.

We also had a short conversation with her. She chooses UNSEEN to be the title for her collection at JFW 2013; her collection is inspired from floral x-ray from one of the photographers that is Steven Meyers. She also said that her collection is all about technology and nature, and are made from natural fabric and polyester. She also used her own clothes during the show because she wants to say to the world that she has her own style and she is proud of her signature style. She also quoted, “If we want to be successful, we should never give up, keep fighting and willing to learn more, more and more!”

RAGE & SERENITY by Grace Soenjaya

A young designer, Grace Soenjaya has already gotten her strong talent and passion in fashion industry since she was a child. Born in a family with a fashion background makes Grace became more attracted to the industry itself and finally decided to do her professional course on fashion design at RIHE Malaysia and Australia. Right now, she is continuing her family line, which is “INGE MODISTE” which concentrates on nightgowns.

The last designer is Grace Soenjaya, she is a designer who makes a range of houte couture collection, and she chooses Race and Serenity to be the title for her collection. Her collection is very beautiful and breathtaking. Embroidery and prints are applied on each dress that she makes, beads and sequins are put on some dresses as well.


And the three of us take a shot together with one of RIHE’s designers – Peggy Hartanto…

Got the chance to visit the rehearsal and backstage before the show started! Enjoy these photos as well!

And last, a few street-style pictures!
Photographs and Videos were taken personally, link back to this post if you wish to use it.

By: Mitha Komala, Meinar Magdalena, and Jessica Tara – FM 2.1

Jakarta Fashion Week: Raffles Design Institute

After our class Monday last week (November 5, 2012), we took off to Plaza Senayan to attend Jakarta Fashion Week. We found out that the show for RDI students was delayed for around two hours, and as we were queuing an hour later, the person in charge suddenly invited us in to see the students’ work from Binus International University. We agreed – better than sitting around under the heat of the sun, we suppose!

Right after the show was done, we had to queue again to see the show we were here for in the first place: the RDI students show. Annoyed beforehand, but it was worth it!

Oriental, inspired by the Meiji era in Japan, with the usage of a kimono in every design.

Very feminine yet suitable as a daily wear. Personal favourite!

Elegant and classic.

Edgy and dominated with black, grey, and purple.

Elegant, unique minimalistic peplum dresses. Another personal favourite, as well as the majority of the audience’s!

HAUTE COUTURE: Amazing details with spectacular accessories as company. An astonishing collection to close the show.

“I really, really like Peggy Hartanto’s collection. It’s very simple yet elegant – not too fuzzy; very high fashion.”
-Maria Valentine Lydia

The shows from both colleges were great; however, they were different from another. While Binus International’s collections were mostly more into daily wear and they were cultural but fresh, RDI’s collections were more modern with various themes (the haute couture collection drew a thick, fine line between the two shows). We adore both shows nonetheless!

[Amanda Putri Santoso, Malinda Pramufitra FM 2.1]

Raffles Institute for Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

We have a chance to watch Raffles Institute Jakarta at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 fashion show. It was held in Plaza Senayan. It shows 6 designers with their own collection. As seen in the photos, there’s a lot of people from the visitors, press, media walking pass by and capturing peoples. It’s crowded and hot weather while we queued to watch the show.

So, let’s talk about the show. The show was started by Jessica Tjiptoning-MEIJI ISHI. The collections were inspired by Asian Japanese oriental with the well known Japanese traditional kimono sleeves and also modern touch. Using jacquard and pleated fabrics with blue, red, achromatic color and also the origami fan hat shown by the model in the collection really enhance the oriental look.

Next, CREED by Rumawisari Dewi. It shows the casual edge chic yet feminine in every woman when using it. We can see that they’re using dip dye, brocade, feathers, floral prints in the collection. Combined color really gave us the fresh and calming effect.

Third, Femme Fatale by Felicia Raina Ardelia for her AW2013 collection. By using 3 color in her collection really showed the glamorous and seductive nature of the femme fatale. Dominated purple and burgundy color completed the feminine look.

Next designer was Facade by S.L.S Poetronegoro. This collection came up with more darker color combining with draping and free form shapes details emphasize the androgyny look in each clothes in her collection.

Fifth was Unseen by Peggy Hartanto. Very sophisticated and distinctive collection. Pastel color, white and black were the main color in her collection. Simple cuttingwith see-through  fabrics mixed with peplums and flared skirts showed the classy yet elegant chic women.

Last designer was Race & Serenity by Grace Soenjaya. I think it’s the most anticipating showcase because it’s the only haute couture collection. We were surprised with her collection. Her collection shows the exaggerated shapes with detailing feathers and beads. Dominated red, black and white color create mysterious also elegant touch.

Before the show, we had an interview with a Malaysian freelance fashion stylist/writer/ personal shopper named Reen Fozi (http://reenfozi.tumblr.com/)

            Q: Tell me about your experience in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013?

            A: It wasvery different from what I expected because I thought it will bea bit bored. But I was surprised and it actually got a lot more than that.First, I thought it’s only the local designers but it was really good. In fact that it’s week long event. love the show. I’ve watched the opening shows.

            Q: As you mention that you have watched the opening show. What do you think about their collection in the opening show?

            A: Honestly, I love the Lie Sang Bong collection. It’s so fun that she came up with the lovely bright umbrella. That was just cute and very unique.I think it’s perfect for tropical country and I wish I had them one.

            Q: Do you really enjoyed this event?

            A: I love it and really enjoyed every single moment in here. It’s quite different with Malaysia International Fashion Week.

            Q: What’s the differences between Jakarta Fashion Week and Malaysia International Fashion Week?

            A: Basically in Jakarta Fashion Week do have their own press conference during day and fashion show. But in Malaysia, there’s only fashion show at night and less press conference. But overall it’s same.

            Q: So far, how do you see the Indonesian designers and Malaysian designers?

            A: It would actually said that Indonesian designers are more fashion forward and the market are so much better than there. Because here are less restriction than there and designers are free to express themselves.

Guess who we met… Sebastian Gunawan!!

Well, thank you for reading our experiences and review from Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. See you next year….

Written by: Bella and Donald – FM 2.1

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Hey guys , have you ever heard about Jakarta Fashion Week ? it is one of the biggest fashion event in Jakarta . This event started on 3rd November but we got the chance to watch this event on the 5th of November .Basicly the purpose of this event was to give opportunities to all  talented Indonesian designer to show their collection. That was the first time of Raffles got a chance to show the collection of some talented student. 

We’re so excited to watch this Jakarta Fashion Week because it was our first time to watch a fashion show. The event was held from 3rd November -12th November at fashion tent , Plaza Senayan. On 5th of November all the fashion marketing and fashion design student watch the Jakarta Fashion Week together. Actually the shows started at 3 pm because of the bad weather the tent collapse so the show was delayed  until 5 pm . There are 6 Raffles student that participate the show. The 6 designers are 1.Ms. Peggy Hartanto 2.Ms. Jessica Tjiptoning 3.Ms.Grace Soenjaya 4.Ms Felicia Raina Ardelia 5.Ms Rumawisari Dewi 6.Ms Sri Lukito Sari Petronegoro.

1.Jesica Tjiptoning is opening the fashion show with her collection that are inspired by japanese collection



2.Rumawisari Dewi





This is one of our favorite collection because the design shown feminine look with combination of lace , pastel color and flower. 

3. Felicia Raina Ardelia 




This collection shows elegant look and feminine . She used lot of satin and brocades.

4. Sri Lukito Sari Petronegoro 


Our opinion the collection is too simple and it can be wear for everyday use. The fabric look like chiffon and cotton . 

5. Peggy HartantoImage

This collections are dominant with white color and we like the idea of the transparent shoulder side .

6. Grace Soenjaya 


The collection look  is haute couture . It shows glamour and elegant look and made of good fabric and high technique .




Overall we enjoy and like to watch Jakarta Fashion Week and it was such a great experience to attend this event .

Claudia Frisca and Fischa Diras ( FM 1.1 )