Jakarta Fashion Week 2013: RIHE

Taking “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow” as the theme, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 started on 3rd November 2012 at Plaza Senayan. By a happy chance, Raffles Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) got to take part in JFW 2013 on 5th November 2012, and it was their first time showcasing their students’ work. There are 6 brilliant and talented students of RIHE who participated in the most anticipated fashion event of the year, Jakarta Fashion Week. Enjoy!

MEIJI ISHI by Jessica Tjiptoning

Jessica Tjiptoning was born on 25th February 1991. She graduated from RIHE Singapore. She has participated in Triumph Inspirational Award, Haute Couture Women’s Fashion Week with Alexis Mabile, Gustavo Lins, Maxime Simoens and Stephane Rolland; she also won a second place in Uniform Designing Contest for Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore.

Meiji Ishi by Jessica Tjiptoning opened the show that night. She gave an oriental look onto her collection that is inspired by the Japanese samurai with a touch of modern women look. The silhouette of the collection is very structured with edgy hemline and cutting. She neutralized the whole collection with a simple skirt or pants, and also the usage of the color palette.

CREED by Rumawisari Dewi

Rumawisari Dewi or Rumawi got her second Diploma at RIHE Sydney, Australia. Other than that, she also shows a successful achievement by being a manager at Wayne Cooper from 2007 till now.

The second designer is Rumawasari, her collection is very unique and eye-catching. Her collection is all about combining floral and lace, making her collection became so feminine yet there was a touch of edginess. Her collection can be worn on daily basis, extra points on the fabrics that are comfortable to use.

FEMME FATALE by Felicia Raina Ardelia

This 21 years old lady started her professional course on Fashion Design at RIHE Shanghai, China in 2009 to 2011, and then she continued her studies in the same course at RIHE Singapore to get her Bachelor. Felicia is definitely not a new comer in the fashion industry, she has participate in some fashion shows like RIHE Shanghai show, Cristina Bertrand perfume competition for Corset and Evening Wear, and she walked as a model at Lauren Pilgreen Fashion Show in 2010.

Inspired by the Hollywood glam in the 30s, Felicia Raina Ardelia showed a very glamorous and elegant collection through her Femme Fatale as named. She emphasized on women’s curves. Laces, furs, and beadings are used as the details of the collection to give a feminine and seductive impression.

FACADE by Sri Lukito Sari Poetronegoro

Sri Lukito’s design concept is to give a modern touch and it always pays attention to details in sewing technique, cutting, and uses of high-end fabrics in every collection of hers. This alumnus of RIHE Singapore concentrates more on ready-to-wear collection that is unique and dynamic for both men and women.

Facade was chosen to be the title of Sri Lukito’s collection. She played with folds and geometric structure on her collection to give a distinctive edge. Dark colors are mostly applied to show the androgyny and mysterious side of the collection.

UNSEEN by Peggy Hartanto

Peggy Hartanto is one of the alumnus that got Award of Excellence from RIHE Sydney, Australia. She showcased her collection at Australia Fashion Week 2011; Peggy shows her enthusiasm in the fashion industry with new inventions and choices of best quality fabric. With her line, “PEGGY HARTANTO”, she wants to give a high deluxe ready-to-wear collection for women with a modern and edgy concept.

We also had a short conversation with her. She chooses UNSEEN to be the title for her collection at JFW 2013; her collection is inspired from floral x-ray from one of the photographers that is Steven Meyers. She also said that her collection is all about technology and nature, and are made from natural fabric and polyester. She also used her own clothes during the show because she wants to say to the world that she has her own style and she is proud of her signature style. She also quoted, “If we want to be successful, we should never give up, keep fighting and willing to learn more, more and more!”

RAGE & SERENITY by Grace Soenjaya

A young designer, Grace Soenjaya has already gotten her strong talent and passion in fashion industry since she was a child. Born in a family with a fashion background makes Grace became more attracted to the industry itself and finally decided to do her professional course on fashion design at RIHE Malaysia and Australia. Right now, she is continuing her family line, which is “INGE MODISTE” which concentrates on nightgowns.

The last designer is Grace Soenjaya, she is a designer who makes a range of houte couture collection, and she chooses Race and Serenity to be the title for her collection. Her collection is very beautiful and breathtaking. Embroidery and prints are applied on each dress that she makes, beads and sequins are put on some dresses as well.


And the three of us take a shot together with one of RIHE’s designers – Peggy Hartanto…

Got the chance to visit the rehearsal and backstage before the show started! Enjoy these photos as well!

And last, a few street-style pictures!
Photographs and Videos were taken personally, link back to this post if you wish to use it.

By: Mitha Komala, Meinar Magdalena, and Jessica Tara – FM 2.1


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