Interview with Cindy

Cindy Angelina a.k.a “Cinderella” she is known as the Disney princess at Raffles Design Institute. She is the most cutest 20 years old lady you will ever meet in this worlddd!!!!!!!

Surabaya is her hometown, born on 19 july 1992. Somehow when you see her design you know it directly that it is HERS! because she have this princessy type of design which is really cute and yet elegant at the same time!
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 1.     Tell me your best experience in Raffles ?
      I have experienced a lot of new things in Raffles, such as making an evening gown, identifying some fabrics etc, and around two weeks ago, we are asked to help in the graduation fashion, (fitters) being a fitters isn’t an easy job, it needs a hard work, but I learned a lot of new things that help me understand the backstage situation.

2. How do you manage all your project ?

As we all know, design always has close relationship with a hundred project. At first, I had a hard time to manage my time, after  a few months, I

3.  Re you going any further after raffles ?

“No, I will become a good mother and have a wealthy husband, my life is always happily ever after.”-cindy. HAHAHAHAH!!


Sure, I am going to start to work on my own line, which is more feminine , and also focus in casual to evening wear and especially paster color.

last pictureee. nic_5608

by claudya marthen


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