Jakarta Fashion Week ’13

On Monday, 5th November 2011, me and my schoolmates when to Jakarta fashion week that is located in Plaza Senayan. It is located exactly in front of Union restaurant that is in Plaza Senayan. We got the invitation earlier on thursday as a class. The show that we got to watch at fashion week is a show by Raffles fashion design major alumni. On the invitation, it was written that the show will start at 3.30 pm and we were told to be there earlier. I reached at around 3.45 because of the bad traffic around the senayan area. I thought I was going to be late but turned out the show was 2 hours late. We had to wait outside the fashion tent where the show was positioned during a sunny day. Everyone was busy taking pictures of each other and with the decorations fashion week had set. There was a lot of reporters and photographers taking pictures and interviewing the visitors.

After having to faced such long queue, we were finally inside the fashion tent. The way to the fashion tent was a little bit hard to get through with heels because the ground was a little bumpy. There are 2 way to enter the fashion tent, one for the VIPs and the other for the regular entrees. Once we got in, we were asked to fill in the seats. Short after everyone was seated, the show begun. We watched fashion shows by 6 designers graduates from Raffles. They are Jessica Tjiptoning, Femme fatale by Felicia Raina Ardelia, Peggy Hartanto, Grace Soenjaya, Rumaridewi Dewi and Facade by S.L.S Poetronegoro. The collection range from an oriental wear to haute coutures. I personally enjoyed the collection that was arranged by Peggy Hartanto the most because her design are simple yet elegant. Her collection shows a lot of skin but not to revealing. The whole show took about 30 minutes. In the end of the show, all of the collections by designers and the designers went to the stage for a last applause. On the way out of fashion tent, we got a Raffles paper bag as the goodie bags which includes brochures of the designers.


Jakarta fashion week invitation



The crowd


Jakarta fashion week official photographer





Collection by Jessica Tjiptoning


Collection by Rumawisari Dewi


 Collection by S.L.S Poetronegoro


Collection by Peggy Hartanto


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