Jakarta Fashion Week: Raffles Design Institute

After our class Monday last week (November 5, 2012), we took off to Plaza Senayan to attend Jakarta Fashion Week. We found out that the show for RDI students was delayed for around two hours, and as we were queuing an hour later, the person in charge suddenly invited us in to see the students’ work from Binus International University. We agreed – better than sitting around under the heat of the sun, we suppose!

Right after the show was done, we had to queue again to see the show we were here for in the first place: the RDI students show. Annoyed beforehand, but it was worth it!

Oriental, inspired by the Meiji era in Japan, with the usage of a kimono in every design.

Very feminine yet suitable as a daily wear. Personal favourite!

Elegant and classic.

Edgy and dominated with black, grey, and purple.

Elegant, unique minimalistic peplum dresses. Another personal favourite, as well as the majority of the audience’s!

HAUTE COUTURE: Amazing details with spectacular accessories as company. An astonishing collection to close the show.

“I really, really like Peggy Hartanto’s collection. It’s very simple yet elegant – not too fuzzy; very high fashion.”
-Maria Valentine Lydia

The shows from both colleges were great; however, they were different from another. While Binus International’s collections were mostly more into daily wear and they were cultural but fresh, RDI’s collections were more modern with various themes (the haute couture collection drew a thick, fine line between the two shows). We adore both shows nonetheless!

[Amanda Putri Santoso, Malinda Pramufitra FM 2.1]


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