Raffles Institute for Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

We have a chance to watch Raffles Institute Jakarta at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 fashion show. It was held in Plaza Senayan. It shows 6 designers with their own collection. As seen in the photos, there’s a lot of people from the visitors, press, media walking pass by and capturing peoples. It’s crowded and hot weather while we queued to watch the show.

So, let’s talk about the show. The show was started by Jessica Tjiptoning-MEIJI ISHI. The collections were inspired by Asian Japanese oriental with the well known Japanese traditional kimono sleeves and also modern touch. Using jacquard and pleated fabrics with blue, red, achromatic color and also the origami fan hat shown by the model in the collection really enhance the oriental look.

Next, CREED by Rumawisari Dewi. It shows the casual edge chic yet feminine in every woman when using it. We can see that they’re using dip dye, brocade, feathers, floral prints in the collection. Combined color really gave us the fresh and calming effect.

Third, Femme Fatale by Felicia Raina Ardelia for her AW2013 collection. By using 3 color in her collection really showed the glamorous and seductive nature of the femme fatale. Dominated purple and burgundy color completed the feminine look.

Next designer was Facade by S.L.S Poetronegoro. This collection came up with more darker color combining with draping and free form shapes details emphasize the androgyny look in each clothes in her collection.

Fifth was Unseen by Peggy Hartanto. Very sophisticated and distinctive collection. Pastel color, white and black were the main color in her collection. Simple cuttingwith see-through  fabrics mixed with peplums and flared skirts showed the classy yet elegant chic women.

Last designer was Race & Serenity by Grace Soenjaya. I think it’s the most anticipating showcase because it’s the only haute couture collection. We were surprised with her collection. Her collection shows the exaggerated shapes with detailing feathers and beads. Dominated red, black and white color create mysterious also elegant touch.

Before the show, we had an interview with a Malaysian freelance fashion stylist/writer/ personal shopper named Reen Fozi (http://reenfozi.tumblr.com/)

            Q: Tell me about your experience in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013?

            A: It wasvery different from what I expected because I thought it will bea bit bored. But I was surprised and it actually got a lot more than that.First, I thought it’s only the local designers but it was really good. In fact that it’s week long event. love the show. I’ve watched the opening shows.

            Q: As you mention that you have watched the opening show. What do you think about their collection in the opening show?

            A: Honestly, I love the Lie Sang Bong collection. It’s so fun that she came up with the lovely bright umbrella. That was just cute and very unique.I think it’s perfect for tropical country and I wish I had them one.

            Q: Do you really enjoyed this event?

            A: I love it and really enjoyed every single moment in here. It’s quite different with Malaysia International Fashion Week.

            Q: What’s the differences between Jakarta Fashion Week and Malaysia International Fashion Week?

            A: Basically in Jakarta Fashion Week do have their own press conference during day and fashion show. But in Malaysia, there’s only fashion show at night and less press conference. But overall it’s same.

            Q: So far, how do you see the Indonesian designers and Malaysian designers?

            A: It would actually said that Indonesian designers are more fashion forward and the market are so much better than there. Because here are less restriction than there and designers are free to express themselves.

Guess who we met… Sebastian Gunawan!!

Well, thank you for reading our experiences and review from Jakarta Fashion Week 2013. See you next year….

Written by: Bella and Donald – FM 2.1


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