Interview with Cindy

Cindy Angelina a.k.a “Cinderella” she is known as the Disney princess at Raffles Design Institute. She is the most cutest 20 years old lady you will ever meet in this worlddd!!!!!!! Surabaya is her hometown, born on 19 july 1992. Somehow when you see her design you know it directly that it is HERS! because […]

Jakarta Fashion Week ’13

On Monday, 5th November 2011, me and my schoolmates when to Jakarta fashion week that is located in Plaza Senayan. It is located exactly in front of Union restaurant that is in Plaza Senayan. We got the invitation earlier on thursday as a class. The show that we got to watch at fashion week is […]

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013: RIHE

Taking “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow” as the theme, Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 started on 3rd November 2012 at Plaza Senayan. By a happy chance, Raffles Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) got to take part in JFW 2013 on 5th November 2012, and it was their first time showcasing their students’ work. There are 6 […]

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Hey guys , have you ever heard about Jakarta Fashion Week ? it is one of the biggest fashion event in Jakarta . This event started on 3rd November but we got the chance to watch this event on the 5th of November .Basicly the purpose of this event was to give opportunities to all […]