Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Hey guys , have you ever heard about Jakarta Fashion Week ? it is one of the biggest fashion event in Jakarta . This event started on 3rd November but we got the chance to watch this event on the 5th of November .Basicly the purpose of this event was to give opportunities to all  talented Indonesian designer to show their collection. That was the first time of Raffles got a chance to show the collection of some talented student. 

We’re so excited to watch this Jakarta Fashion Week because it was our first time to watch a fashion show. The event was held from 3rd November -12th November at fashion tent , Plaza Senayan. On 5th of November all the fashion marketing and fashion design student watch the Jakarta Fashion Week together. Actually the shows started at 3 pm because of the bad weather the tent collapse so the show was delayed  until 5 pm . There are 6 Raffles student that participate the show. The 6 designers are 1.Ms. Peggy Hartanto 2.Ms. Jessica Tjiptoning 3.Ms.Grace Soenjaya 4.Ms Felicia Raina Ardelia 5.Ms Rumawisari Dewi 6.Ms Sri Lukito Sari Petronegoro.

1.Jesica Tjiptoning is opening the fashion show with her collection that are inspired by japanese collection



2.Rumawisari Dewi





This is one of our favorite collection because the design shown feminine look with combination of lace , pastel color and flower. 

3. Felicia Raina Ardelia 




This collection shows elegant look and feminine . She used lot of satin and brocades.

4. Sri Lukito Sari Petronegoro 


Our opinion the collection is too simple and it can be wear for everyday use. The fabric look like chiffon and cotton . 

5. Peggy HartantoImage

This collections are dominant with white color and we like the idea of the transparent shoulder side .

6. Grace Soenjaya 


The collection look  is haute couture . It shows glamour and elegant look and made of good fabric and high technique .




Overall we enjoy and like to watch Jakarta Fashion Week and it was such a great experience to attend this event .

Claudia Frisca and Fischa Diras ( FM 1.1 )



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