Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 by Vinna Halim and Jessica Pei

The overall experience at Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 was fashion surrealness and amazement. Firstly we went to the BINUS fashion show, It was an interesting show with Northumbria students showcased in the show as well. Our favorite was the designer with the batik for mens and womenswear. This designer’s fashion was a modern approach to batik. It was inspirational to see the use of different fabrics and silhouettes with Batik. ImageImageImage


In the Raffles Fashion Show, there were six designers such as Rumawi Sari, Jessica Tjiptoning, and Peggy Hartanto. Our favorite was Peggy Hartanto because her collection was feminine, serene, and modern. It was titled “Unseen” as she used a sheer see-through fabric mixed with prints.

Peggy Hartanto’s Collection “Unseen” 




Grace’s Collection “Rage and Serenity” 




Felicia Raina’s Collection


Rumawi Sari’s collectionImage




Jessica Tjiptoning’s Collection



Backstage at the Raffles Fashion Show Image

Raffles Design Institute definitely made us inspired and proud to be a Raffles student. Their show presented us an inspiration to become better for the future as fashion designers. 



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