Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

Tadaaaah..!! Here we come…the amazing fashion event…the Jakarta Fashion week 2013… One of the best fashion event of the year that Jakarta held. Which is held about 1 week from 3 – 9 November 2012. Their Theme “Indonesia Today, The World Tomorrow”. Designers are having schedules to show their latest collection. They also have the fashion booths and the fashion exhibition at some area of the mall. 

“JFW’s Fashion Booth”

JFW’s Fashion Exhibition












It was on the November 5, 2012 we got chance to see the Fashion Show of the Raffles graduates at Plaza Senayan. it was so exciting to have the opportunity attending Jakarta Fashion week this year. We got tickets to see Raffles graduates designer. All around Plaza Senayan was filled with lots of fashion booths and exhibition. We lined up in front of the fashion tent about an hour before the show, it was a hot hot day, but still everybody dressed up. We saw lots of fashion bloggers, designers, and of course fashion students. We felt like “living in the fashion world”. Surprisingly, some of our friends were interviewed by the fashion police…wuuuuu…can’t wait to see their faces on the magazines.

Raffles Fashion Show provided 6 female graduates,

  • Which is begin with the first designer, Jessica Tjiptoning, She got inspired with the Japanese traditional clothing. As we can see from her designs, She brought some of Japanese clothing characters, from the obi ( big belt on the waist), the sleeves, also the modernize Japanese sandals. She was playing with the bright color combination. The designs look unique, comfort and classy.

“Jessica Tjiptoning”

  • Next designer is Rumawisari Dewi, she designed casual wear, which look so feminine with the choose of the color and the lace fabrics.

“Rumawisari Dewi”

“Rumawisari Dewi”

  • The third designer is Felicia Raina Ardelia. “Inspired by the 40s film noir, this collection unfolds the glamour and the seductive nature of the femme fatale” Almost all of her collection are long evening gowns with combination of fur, lace and brocades. With a touch of Glamorous colors such as Burgundy, white and Black.

“Felicia Raina Ardelia”

“Felicia Raina Ardelia”

  • The fourth designer is Sri Lukito Sari Poetronegoro, her theme is “FAÇADE”, her collection look strong and edgy. She has interesting silhouettes on her collection with a touch of draping techniques. She also mixed some of her garment with leather.

“Sri Lukito Sari Poetronegoro”

  • The next collection shown on the runway was attracted our attention the most, designed by Peggy Hartanto. Her theme “unseen” was reflected to her amazing idea to use skin color tulle fabric on the panel side which make the front garment looks cling to the body without the panel side.

“Peggy Hartanto”

“Peggy Hartanto”

  • The last collection was designed by Grace Soenjaya, which is one of the haute couture collection shown. It is one of the best collection that we like the most, beautiful gowns and dresses designed with different characters are shown on the runway.

“Grace Soenjaya”

“Grace Soenjaya”

  • Reviews:

“It was a great show, Raffles has to be proud of them…^^and we enjoyed it so much.”

“It was the first time for Binus to join the Jakarta fashion week, and she was chose by her teacher to design a collection. She said that it was so tiring and exciting in the same time, they have to finish their collection only in 2 months, but for her, this is a really good opportunity and gave her a brand new experience.” Christina Riady









By: Daniella Grace & Cindy Angelina


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