Raffles Design Institute in Jakarta Fashion Week 2013

The show was held on November 5, 2012 at 5 PM. All fashionable people were queuing to go to the fashion show. This time, Raffles Design Institute showed 6 of its alumnus, which were Rumawisari Dewi, Grace Soenjaya, Peggy Hartanto, Jessica Tjiptoning, Felicia Raina, and Sri Lukito.

Above: Jessica Tjiptoning (left) with her design (right)

The fashion show was opened by Jessica Tjiptoning’s collection. Her collections were influenced by Japanese samurai culture with some modern twist. Her collections were very structural.


Above: Rumawisari Dewi’s collection

Above: Rumawisari Dewi’s collection with dip dye technique

Next was Rumawisari Dewi’s, her collection, ‘Creed’,  looked very calming and it had the aquatic ocean feel with the mixture of blue, white, and a bit pinkish. She used lace fabrics, prints, and dip dyed fabric.

Above: Felicia Raina’s collection

Felicia Raina with her collection named ‘Femme Fatale’ was inspired by the curviness of women body in the 40s. She used a lot of satin, brocades, and some fur. Her collections look very mature, elegant, and feminine.



Above: Sri Lukito’s Collection

Above: Sri Lukito’s collection detail

Then, it was Sri Lukito’s turn with her collections called ‘Façade’, which had the androgynous look. Her collections were very structural with geometrical shapes, layers, curve lines.

Two above: Peggy Hartanto’s Collection

After that, Peggy Hartanto’s turn with her collection called ‘Unseen’. Her collections were very simple but yet sophisticated with the cutting in curve lines. She used a lot of tulle to make the transparent look to fit the body. Her collection not only looked very futuristic and feminine, but also very high fashion.

Above: Grace Soenjaya’s Collection

Next and the grand, Grace Soenjaya with the collection called ‘Rage and Serenity’, which had the philosophy of balance between human good side and bad side. She realized this philosophy by making couture gowns with extreme details, such as feathers, beads, and silhouettes. She also used red, black, and white to give mysterious assents and elegance looks. For the make up, the models used black lipstick and eye shadow to create the mysterious looks.

Above: the visitors of JFW 2013

As the audience, they wore fashionable clothes, such as prints, vibrant colors, and last but not least black was not left behind.

We interviewed one of the audiences, Malinda, she personally liked Rumawisari Dewi’s collections because she could imagine herself wearing her designs.

Created by:

Martha and Lydia


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